We humans have insatiable appetite to keep resources for ourself. We want to have all wealth in world and save it for future generations. We have brain that’s most advanced and greedy. It tells us to build road & rail network so that we can reach faster and communicate faster. It is the brain that lead us to heart of earth to mine out resources from core to ensure we have sunshine at night using electricity. We have the brains to destroy wetlands and mountains to support our ever increasing population and building airports. We have brain to manipulate rivers build bridges and dams so that connectivity improves and humans can sustain well. All this happens at cost of nature and wildlife. Humans might be most intellectual animals on earth but they are also most selfish. Greed is unlimited in humans.

Here I would like to share an incidence on how greed works in other animals. During one of my jungle safaris, the cubs of Maya and the queen of Tadoba lake were resting along banks. It was scorching 48 degrees. One of cub was napping in wet soil along the bank while other was cooling himself in water on other edge of tadoba lake.

Maya’s cub chilling along cool wet soil of Tadoba lake under shadow of tree. Tadoba May 2019

Hundreds of spotted deer, sambar deer, peacocks and wild boars enjoyed and grazed along the bank. Some sambar deer even dared to enter water and eat the grass. No one was scared of proximity of tiger cubs. Suddenly the queen of Tadoba lake, Maya entered frame few metres away from grazers sending them into panic. All herbivores fled in dense to hide.

Maya entering Tadoba lake. One of cub can be seen already sitting in water. Tadoba May 2019

Maya sat in lake with one of the cubs. The herbivores relaxed, came out and continued grazing. A mating pair of spotted deer was fun to watch. The stag was pursuing the female. The courting went on for hours. She was resisting his move and everytime he chased she ran in direction of Maya. I expected some action. But nothing happened. Suddenly there was roar from the far end of lake. Maya, her cub, herbivores and myself looked at same direction. It was some tiger on far side. It was Maya’s mate Matkasur. He was unseen for few days and was seen heading none-tourism area. He was relaxing next to the kill with his tummy filled.

I realized the family had full meal tummy was full. Hence relaxing. No more greed for food. No more hunting for now. The tigers thoughts would have been like- “Deers must be sustained for future survival of my cubs, so no hunting for now”

I assume this was unsaid and understood law of jungle. This was evident from Chital stag behaviour. After courtship was over the stag stood few feet away from Maya and cub. They didnt do anything but look at direction from where roar came from. No wants, no greed, no hunt, deer lived to be preyed later. It is lesson for us in Greed Management.

Maya, Cub and Stag all staring in direction of roar.No greed. Stag was few metres away from two tigers. Tadoba May 2019

We all understand as human population increases our “Unlimited Greed” will lead to the exponential increase in demand for natural resources. In developing countries like India, this is one of the most debated points. there is no denying fact that Human and economy development is essential but at what cost? Economic development is always treated with functional perspectives whereas Environmental development is more of emotional value. The challenge lies in fact that impact of Economic development activities have relatively faster turn around times whereas environmental actions take longer to show impact. For example, metro contruction will be completeted in 5 years whereas planting trees and effective oxygenation might take more than 50years. We might not feel the effect of trees chopped down at Aarey Colony in Mumbai now. But its imapct will be faced after few years by our children in terms of their health.

Price of development is paid by all animals big and small. Sadly our future generations too will pay the price. Road kill- Bandhavgarh, June 2015.

The wildspirits have only one request. Don’t be reckless with nature in pursuit of unlimited greed. While human development is imperative it’s environmental impact and effect on sustenance of our generation cannot be ignored. Think about it clean air and cleaner skies !

Let our future generations breathe free!
Corbett April 2016

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