The Hustler

Hustler ( noun; Informal; American slang)  – a person adept at using force to deal with things to go his/her way. Well, I use this term for this particular male tiger from Rukhad buffer of Pench.  This hustler was born to famous tigress from core zone of Pench. Along with his siblings, he managed to […]

The Golden Tiger

Well, here I am finally writing a blog after longest gap ever, three months. The reason is obvious – the busy corporate life and hyper-active personal life. I could hardly find time for myself and do What I enjoy doing, Write! This is short blog but maybe the most memorable blog of a tiger sighting. […]

Treacherous life of king!

“King’s time as ruler rises like sun and falls like sun” – Lion King I am writing a blog after very long time. This blog has been on mind for sometime but I just couldn’t find time to finish it. This is story of rise and fall of dominant male of Tadoba range of Tadoba […]

Life of Photographer

Let me start by saying, ”I am not a wildlife photographer, I am only a nature lover who enjoys tracking Tigers”. A few days ago it was World Photographers Day. It struck me that maybe I should write a blog on the same, So here I am. I have seen people getting amused when I […]