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Shirish Bhakare

I’m a nature lover. My spirit has a natural calling for the wilds. I dream of retiring in wilds. I dream of visiting all wildest places (jungles) in world. I’m dreamer and eternal optimist for whom nature is God. The objective of this page was to share my experience and live the moments with readers. I think this will help me connect with my urban fraternity who live in concrete jungles and who are absolutely clueless how serene and beautiful is life on wild-side.

What People Say

Shirish Bhakare,The energy that comes from focusing on what excites you is clearly seen in your posts. Your passion for wildlife reflects in your content and photos. `SporotsofWild` is an amazing insightful read for all animal lovers, specially Tiger lovers. Would highly recommend!!

Swati Rane

Shirish is our Mowgli. He is a true nature lover. Always ready to contribute for the betterment of jungle and nature. Keep up this enthusiasm and keep motivating people like us to love mother nature.

Mayur Dhole

Beautiful photography and your amazing way of presenting your passion about Tigers makes me so involved and inspires me to go on more jungle adventures to spot the big cat. keep writing and educating us about your wildlife journey.. it’s a privilege to read your blogs #Spiritsofwild

Swati Vegesna

Shirish is a passionate follower rather enthusiast of big cats. He roars about his passion using his lenses. I appreciate the love you have for Tigers. You shoot and capture them perfectly with your lenses. Your magnificent pics and blogs about the wild yet beautiful jungles, big cats are awesome. It inspire me to be one of like you. wishing you lot more sights of the wild beasts so that we get more insights about exciting adventure you will experience and let other feel the same.

Om Shankar

Shirish has the best experience and expertise in wild life tourism. If you are planning for a National park visit please do contact Shirish he will give you the best recommendations and can plan out your visit he makes tour memoribale with his specialisation he has a great experience in almost all the National park we have in india. He can guide you very well. He also loves Photography, every snaps speaks about his love towards wild life check out his work on this page. He lives normal metro city life but his soul is in forest 🙂 Cheers to shirish Thanks buddy for being there.

Pankaj Dhoot

Shirish is an expert in wild life. He had developed this hobby since childhood. I travelled with him to Tadoba Jungle in Nagpur and was overwhelmed to see his judgement about the wild animals. His predictions and history about different species in the jungle was amazing. We spotted 4 Tigers and was overjoyed. If anyone wants to visit such jungles then one need to be with person like Shirish to make the most of your trip.

Amit Chavan

whatever u write whatever u capture is thoughtful sir….the passion of urs to be so close to nature is awesome ..keep inspiring always.

Hridesh Pant

Your post/blogs and the knowledge you have definitely has incorporated more interest in wildlife. We also want to explore more now Keep writing!!!

Kajal Sonar

I am moved by your passion! go wild and keep it coming!

Prasad Pai

Spiritsof wild is clear getaway to my world of tigers & wildlife.

Whenever I read any of these blogs, it takes me deep into the forest & makes me feel as if I am in the jungle right now, feeling around the fresh air, the essence of the fresh soil alongwith the enduring sounds of birds & insects..which I probably miss everyday in my daily life. & Last not the least is endlesss hope & anxeity of sighting a tiger behind the woods…which keep me connected to read further & further Your writes up are just like a adventurous safari trips which are always inspiring,thoughtful, informative with an exceptional emotional connect which is very important. Great Job done…keep writing & keep inspiring

Snehal Ghawde

Spirit of wild has brought the true spirit out of Shirish and placed him on entirely different level.Myself being his 2nd better half ( 1st offcourse is wild life and then comes me. I accidentally met a different part of Shirish’s life which is full of passion, enthusiasm and madness of being always around the jungle ,photography (big cats) and jungle stories. Anything and any topic u pull out with him will somehow get an turn towards his SPIRIT. The dedication by him is overwhelming and it surely will make one excited to have a true experience of jungle and jungle life if and only if u have a experience in his way. He was the one who exposed me to these different lives and it really brought altogether a very different kind of experience of nature, wild and happiness watching the wilds in wild with Shirish and his spirit which is highhh highhh and higghhhhh. I wish it just keep going highhhhhhh all time ..( sometime hmmm… husssss …. actually many times …it is really difficult for me to manage it but guys I really feel do have a tour.. and u will just love it and never forget the experience and shiver u get watching the wilds in here own home … Highly recommended person and recommended place for inner peace as well as it relaxe in different way is JUNGLE
Best luck Sheeerya.

Sonal Nagle

The candid shots of the Tigers which are a story in itself coupled with the amusing storytelling of the admin leaves me yearning for more. I can only imagine how enthralling experience it will be to actually take a Jungle Safari with such a passionate Tiger Lover. Looking forward to take the first hand experience of the Tiger world in the near future with my family with your Guided Safaris. Never thought Safaris could be a time to go vacationing with family but now I do, specially with the kids!

Sapna Pai

Great work Shirish. Your passion and in depth knowledge of the wild life is clearly visible in Spiritsofwild. I strongly recommend this FB page to all wild life admirers, specially the lovers of Tiger. I have myself been witness to the amount of patience and perseverance required to get a great shot of the cat. I eagerly look forward to read the real life stories of the tiger and also how the equations / dominance keep changing as years pass by. Thanks.

Vinay Rao

Shirish expresses his experiences with the wild so vividly and it’s so engrossing that you almost feel like you are there at the moment while reading his blogs! His blogs have been so informative (probably coming from his “professor” skills) that a layman in wild life photography has also started taking keen interest in it! He makes you fall in love with the wild cat! And his pictures definitely speak louder than words! Each being a unique master piece accompanied with intelligent write ups makes up for a super combo.. keep it up Shirish!! Always looking forward to your blogs and pictures!!

Sarika Upadhyay

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