Icing on the cake

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog, “The Golden Tiger” The eventful morning was 26th January 2021, Here I was on my 8th (and Last) safari of my excursion at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is morning safari and I woke up full of energy thanks to Golden Tiger sighting evening before. My […]

The Golden Tiger

Well, here I am finally writing a blog after longest gap ever, three months. The reason is obvious – the busy corporate life and hyper-active personal life. I could hardly find time for myself and do What I enjoy doing, Write! This is short blog but maybe the most memorable blog of a tiger sighting. […]

Treacherous life of king!

“King’s time as ruler rises like sun and falls like sun” – Lion King I am writing a blog after very long time. This blog has been on mind for sometime but I just couldn’t find time to finish it. This is story of rise and fall of dominant male of Tadoba range of Tadoba […]

Life of Photographer

Let me start by saying, ”I am not a wildlife photographer, I am only a nature lover who enjoys tracking Tigers”. A few days ago it was World Photographers Day. It struck me that maybe I should write a blog on the same, So here I am. I have seen people getting amused when I […]

My top 3 Legendary Inspiring tigresses

Women’s day is just around the corner. So I thought why not write a short blog about tigresses whose stories can inspire women to be brave and stand for themselves. In my free time and vacations, I keep going to jungles to see tigers/wildlife. This has been going on for years now. In the natural […]