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I am a wild life fanatic, tiger infatuated, jungle freak and wild-free spirit living in concrete jungle and thriving in corporate world. However I have strong urge that keeps pulling me back to wilds. The reason for this urge is  that I have strong belief that God represents himself in all forms of nature -living & non-living, everything around us. Cycles of nature-cycle of life and death is all connected to spirit that is free and wild. Spirits like you and me, we are all connected. Unfortunately our day to day miseries of paying regular EMI and never ending materialistic greed keeps us tied and takes us away from our own spirit which is born to be wild and free.

corbettThe idea behind this page is to share my experiences in wild( wherever possible by use of my own images-wildlife photography is secondary hobby). On this page of spirits of wild, you will find first hand information about wildlife, jungles and my own stories of interactions .

Hope this brings you closer to nature and yourself.