elephant trimurti
Trimurti… Different perspective!
gaur bw
Gaur Black and White
gaur melghat I have your back
Gaur.. I have got your back!
paaro 2
The elusive Paro from Corbett
Maya and Meera. Tadoba May 2019
Deer Shiloutte. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Buffer female. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Buffer female, Bandhavgarh May 2019
tadoba 1
Sleeping tiger. Tadoba June 2019
croc tadoba
Croc on land. Tadoba May 2019
Queching thirst. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Fun times. Bandhavgarh May 2019
I see you. Ranthambore October 2019
When his mumma left him, he kept following her and purring like domestic cat. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Shy show stopper! Sometimes the one who is the most shy actually turns out to be a great poser. The Buffer female took hours to come out. She came out only when all the cars had left and we kept ourselves at distance. Once she got comfortable, she became the real show stopper – few have seen at Bandhavgarh! Bandhavgarh, May 2019
Tadoba Habitat ! June 2019
Common Hawk Cuckoo. Tadoba May 2019
Leopard at Panchdhara. Tadoba May 2019
Marsh Crocodile / Magar crocodile Tadoba May 2019
Junior Bamera from Bandhavgarh May 2019
Mothers love! Bandhavgarh May 2019
Indian Pitta ! Tadoba May 2019
Forest department elephant monitoring bear movement to protect orphan tiger cubs. Image taken at Bandhavgarh Oct 2017

Hope !

Life of tigers is difficult. More so when then don’t have territory. Image here is of male tiger who after gaining independence from mother is in search of his own territory…

Hope you’ve survived well mate.. hope to see you in few weeks…! 
Matkasur beating heat by relaxing in his own private pool in Tadoba Range of national park. March 2019
One late lazy summer evening … How many tigers are seen? Guess…. Tadoba March 2019
Sambhar Deer – Tadoba March 2019
Biggest cattle in world.. Indian Gaur! Tadoba March 2017
Bugs Bunny – Indian Brown Hare! Ranthambore Oct 2018
Giant wood spider!
Jungle camps where forest workers stay inside Jungles. My dream home!
Mumma Love – Langur Monkey. Kanha December 2018
Bhoorsingh in mood to impress females. Kanha December 2018
Spotted deer… Common species of deer found across India. Kanha December 2018
Jungle roads, Kanha December 2018
Green bee eater one of cutest birds you can see in India. Kanha December 2018
Bhoorsingh Chilling in chilling mornings at Kanha, December 2018
Meditating Owl.. Bandhavgarh November 2017
Dusting and cooling! Dhikala Corbett April 2016
Stag party at Dhikala Zone, Jim Corbett. April 2016
Serpent Eagle sunbathing – Dhikala Corbett April 2016
Elephants crossing river ramganga. April 2016
Where is my food?
Flying black buck… I think he saw Salman Khan! 😛 Kanha Dec 2018
Summer Slumber, Chota Matkasur, Tadoba March 2019
Arrow head tigress patroling her territory. Ranthambore landscape, Oct 2018
Neelgai Cursed Denizen on Indian Jungles, Ranthambore Oct 2018
Arrowhead, Ranthambore 2018 Upclose!
Tok TOk Tok… Corbet Feb 2018
Pied Kingfisher, Corbett Febraury 2018
Siesta times!
Dhikala scenes!
Mesmerizing Kanha
We can see…. what you doing?
Shoting in wild is fun!
Tusker from Corbett
Brown fish owl
Real fighter — Mongoose!
Housekeeper of the jungles!
Hidden in shadows!
Tiger on prowl!
Tree hugging tiger
Mumma love
Fighter cock from wild
Tiger road hee road
Ruins from Ranthambore…
Ramganga scenes from Corbett
Potty time. Bandhavgarh November 2017
Indian Wild Dog – Dhole Tadoba, March 2019
One of the most unpredictable denizen of Indian Forests- Sloth Bear – Tadoba March 2019
Elephant Crossing at Dhikala Zone of Corbett National Park – February 2018
Indian Blue Bull – Mating ritual! Tadoba March 2019
Ruler of Tadoba range- Matkasur patrolling his territory, March 2019
Tigers love water ! Bandhavgarh Noveber 2017
Portrait of ruler of Tadoba range- Matkasur March 2019
Can you spot tiger in its habitat? Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, October 2018
Little Egret, Navi Mumbai, December 2018
This sub-adult will be soon revolting against his father. Destiny of tigers in Tadoba will change soon.
Mothers love ! Solo and cub at Bandhavgarh May 2019
Jr Bamera territory marking spree. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Mr X announcing his presence! Bandhavgarh May 2019
Solitary Solo. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Bhitari Female Flehming response. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Twining vultures. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Twining tiger cubs. Tadoba May 2019
Maya the lady of Tadoba lake. Tadoba May 2019
Flehming effect – Maya cub! Tadoba May 2019
Indian Sloth Bear Tadoba May 2019
Maya cub Tadoba lake. Tadoba May 2019
Indian leopard relaxing at top of tree! Tadoba May 2019
Solo eating chital fawn. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Solo cub also moves solo. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Dotty cubs having fun. Bandhavgarh May 2019
The yawn of king ! Bandhavgarh May 2019
Jr Bamera resting. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Dotty cubs having fun. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Tiger cub cooling in leaves in hot summers. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Lesser Adjuctant Storke. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Bhitari tigress. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Dotty cubs having fun. Bandhavgarh May 2019
Dotty cubs try tree climbing skills. Bandhavgarh May 2019

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