Short Stories – Hunting in dark

“Do not blame God for having created the tiger, but thank him for not having given it wings.” Since the beginning of time, humans have always feared two things- Predators in wild and darkness of night. Predators make us realize we are not immortal. Nature has given us predators like the tiger, leopard, wolves etc. […]

Top 5 – Must see wild animals from India

One of the most common questions I’m asked is which is your favourite wild animal. Whenever I’m asked this question, I throw the question back and ask to guess the answer. The answer I get is often the Tiger. No doubt, It is a majestic and elusive creature of wild and yes I am infatuated […]

Jungle safari – Expect the unxpected!

Going to jungle safari for first time. Read on. This blog will give you a quick glimpse of what you can expect. You have been doing your planning for months. Assuming you have booked safari, setup travel logistics and lodging in advance with help of expert then the only thing you should be looking forward […]

What’s in the name..Essence of life!

What’s in name? That which we call a rose by another name would smell sweet.. William Shakespeare It is statement followed by forest department (FD) pretty in letter and spirit these days. Maharashtra’s most popular  Tiger reserve – Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve recently released notice to everyone in eco system clearly stating “not to christen tigers […]

Journey inward

”The Longest Journey is the journey inward” Jungle safari season for 2019-20 starts in 2 days. I was wondering how do I persuade my urban denizens to join me in the life-changing experience of wild. So I came up with the idea of this blog. It was a conversation I had a few days ago […]