The Hustler

Hustler ( noun; Informal; American slang)  – a person adept at using force to deal with things to go his/her way. Well, I use this term for this particular male tiger from Rukhad buffer of Pench.  This hustler was born to famous tigress from core zone of Pench. Along with his siblings, he managed to […]

Icing on the cake

This blog is in continuation of my previous blog, “The Golden Tiger” The eventful morning was 26th January 2021, Here I was on my 8th (and Last) safari of my excursion at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is morning safari and I woke up full of energy thanks to Golden Tiger sighting evening before. My […]

Short stories – The Nomad

I don’t think any living being born can escape this law of nature- Making a name. In this competitive world, each person struggles to create his own space and leave his own legacy. The recent death of Bollywood actors is a testimony to this rule. Both had distinct origins, made their way up to the […]

Elephants – The Spiritual Lords of India!

“Show them respect, they create the jungle,” Bagheera advised Mowgli as they saw a herd of elephants approaching. This is how a herd of the elephant is introduced in “The Jungle Book”. Well that advice has a scientific as well as spiritual basis. Let us talk about spiritual base first. India is a truly spiritual […]