Short Stories – Hunting in dark

“Do not blame God for having created the tiger, but thank him for not having given it wings.” Since the beginning of time, humans have always feared two things- Predators in wild and darkness of night. Predators make us realize we are not immortal. Nature has given us predators like the tiger, leopard, wolves etc. […]

Short stories – Charged by Gaur

I must admit this was one of the scariest and thrilling experience I ever had in forests of central India. This incident took place at a not so popular place for tiger tourist. Very few people going to Pench tiger reserve might know of this mesmerizing lake in Pench habitat. This place is called Mogarkasa […]

My thrilling experiences from wild – Leopards !

I have a unique tempestuous relation with Leopards. These elusive big cats of India have always put me on tenterhooks. Amongst all big wild cats of India, Leopards have eluded me the most. India had numerous species of wild cats. They come in all shapes and sizes, right from royal Bengal tiger to fishing cat […]

Forests – Gift taken for granted

Wishing everyone a very happy “World Forestry Day” Forests are not just resources for humans to carry out economic activities but they are environmental hotspot sheltering a plethora of diverse flora and fauna. Every forest has it’s own eco-systems in place. Some are very special, thanks to unique topography and/or flora/fauna diversity. India has 23.39% […]