Women’s day is just around the corner. So I thought why not write a short blog about tigresses whose stories can inspire women to be brave and stand for themselves. In my free time and vacations, I keep going to jungles to see tigers/wildlife. This has been going on for years now.

In the natural world, gender ratio amongst tiger clan is 1 male to 5 or 6 females. It also means sighting tigress is easier compared to males. Well having sighted a few dozen wild tigeresses in past few years, I decided to shortlist my top 3.

Maya from Tadoba

True to her name she’s the enchantress. Almost at 8 year old, she’s now an adult tigress who has given Tadoba, the tiger tourism. Ruling the Tadoba range and Panderpauni meadows she’s not just survived all the odds but also thrived. She managed to survive as orphan, lost her initial litters due unexpected causes and survives amongst so many males in Tadoba who keep tresspassing her territory. As far as tourists are concerned she is best known for her walks head on for kilometres (road-hi-road) unlike any other wild cat. She known to be bold bring her infant cubs in open lands. She absolutely fearless and charismatic.

Maya the enchantress. Tadoba, May 2019.
(c) Shirish S Bhakare

Other inspiring cats from here: Chotti tara, Sonam, Madhuri, Choti Madhu, Lara and many more

Paro from Jim Corbett

She is also known as Parwali. “Par” refers to the other side, here it refers other side of river from Dhikal forest rest house. Seen along the banks of Ramganga river in Dhikala zone, she’s an elusive tigress who loves showing off herself in water. True to size of all corbett tigers she is small (compared to central Indian tigers) but she has unusual attitude of showing up to guest as she pleases and whenever she wants. She did struggle to manage and protect her initial litters, she’s now a efficient mother. She’s real mermaid of tiger world.

Parwali aka Paro. Dhikala Jim Corbett April 2016
(c) Shirish S Bhakare

Other inspiring striped cats from here: Chuhapani female, Grassland tigress and many others

Late Rajbhera from Bandhavgarh

Amongst all female tigers known to me, she would stands the tallest amongst them. Considering the fact she is coming from tiger capital of India she had lot of competition from other female tigers, yes she did. I too had a tuff time selecting the best from Bandhavgarh, I would be dishonest not to admit it. Bandhavgarh never disappoints. As for Rajbhera she was undoubtedly the real queen I ever saw. She passed away few years ago but her legacy lives on. She was my first love and first tigress from Bandhavgarh. She would Size upto a male tiger, was a gentle mother, had maturity of veteran and as ferocious as tiger can be. She was epitome of female energy. She was not one to be messed with. Her solid gene pool still holds strong the reigns around meadows and woodlands of Bandhavgarh.

Rajbhera chilling in water under shadow of tree on hot summer day. Bandhavgarh, June 2015.
(c) Shirish S Bhakare

Other inspiring striped cats from here: Solo, Spotty, Dotty, (Late) Jr Kankatti and many others

That’s the top list but not the entire list. Each tigress that I know has inspiring story, no matter from which park she comes from. All these wild spirits have only one common underlying message, hold on to what you believe is true, fight for it and you will get what you want. You are born to be wild, born to be free!

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