Spirits of Wild

Spiritsofwild was conceptualized with idea of creating awareness about wildlife among urban citizen. The website is designed to give you feel of wild in form of stories(blogs), images (gallery) and excursions in wild(safari plan).
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I’m tiger infatuated. Infact everyone who has seen tiger becomes tiger infatuated. The worlds largest cat is elusive and majestic. It is The national animal of India and only his presence can gurantee out healthy surviva.

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If i was to click and upload pics of all mammals found in India, my lifetime would be short. This list is unending. India has highest diversity of wild mammals found anywhere across globe. Mammals showcased in the gallery are the ones I have freeze in wild.

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gaur bw
tatr meadows


Every jungle is different. A jungle can have different habitats and one completely different from other. Every habitat has its unique residents and has its own ecosystem. This section is dedicated to these varied landscapes and habitats.

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Found across all forms of habitat they have unique role in regeneration of forests and natural ecosystems. India has one of highest varieties of resident birds found in world. Add to it the migratory birds, you have unique opportunity to photograph some of the most unique avian fauna in India.

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fighter cock
giant wood spider


Creepy crawlies not on my favorite list. But I don’t mind framing them once in a while when opportunity is right. Enjoy!

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It is a Key to successfull long term suitainance of environmental plans. Ebery imdividual, common man to large corporations can play a critical role in conservation of our natural heritage. In this gallery you will find image stories that showcase efforts of organisations individuals ngo etc who have made differences in conservation of jungle eco system.

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