The Hustler

Hustler ( noun; Informal; American slang)  – a person adept at using force to deal with things to go his/her way. Well, I use this term for this particular male tiger from Rukhad buffer of Pench.  This hustler was born to famous tigress from core zone of Pench. Along with his siblings, he managed to […]

Create – Don’t just click!

In world of never ending innovations in DSLR and  mobile camera, it is easy to consider oneself a photographer right from day one. Just press button and image is captured, Just click shutter and you can hear DSLR go like Bazukka. (Not in latest technologies) The sense of satisfaction of having freezed the moment is incredible. […]

Basics of Wildlife Photography – Part 3

Hello Everyone.. Sorry to keep you waiting. I know this blog is getting published a bit too late. But as they say, “Better late than never” 🙂 In last two blogs on Basics of Photography we spoke of aspects like adjusting white balance, managing exposure, exposure triangle and focusing. Now in this last part we […]

Basics of wildlife photography – Part 2

Thank you for overwhelming response for Part 1 of blog on wildlife photography. Based on recommendations, I will surely explore the idea of making a video on same. For now, request you to keep your device handy so that we can smoothly transit Part 2 of Basics of wildlife photography. If you haven’t read Part […]

Re-homing Perhaps .. !

“With all wild animals gone, all we will be left is, Nothing” Said the old man from village. His tone was consistent with conservationist and scientist who works towards wildlife conservation and talks about translocation/re-introductions of wild animals is up for debate. In layman’s word, they are referring to Re-homing  or moving animals from one […]